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The Sling line of aircraft kits started with the Sling 2, then added the Sling 4, the Sling TSi, and the Sling 2 taildragger.  All powered by the Rotax 912 series (912ULS, 914, and 915iS), they stand out as the economical and efficient choice in their respective classes.  A key theme in the Sling line, and a feature that really sets these kits apart from the pack, is the use of sheet metal technology to increase quality, decrease complexity, and significantly decrease build time.  A lot of kit manufacturers end up leaving a huge amount of tedious, time-consuming tasks for the builder, but The Airplane Factory has created a true aircraft "kit", not a bunch of material in a box.  The builder focuses on assembly and the punched/machined to fit parts are of a level of quality and completion that requires a bare minimum of cutting, trimming, drilling, etc.  Plus, if the kits still don't build fast enough for you, Sling Central has a very affordable builder-assist program available.

Sling 2


The beginning of it all, the Sling 2 is a highly refined two-place, all aluminum, low-wing, single engine trainer.  Built to conform to the Light Sport category and also be an experimental amateur built two-seat competitor, this aircraft is tested to 1540 lbs gross weight for the E-AB category, but when built as an E-LSA is limited to 1320 lbs per LSA rules.  Equipped with a Rotax 912ULS putting out 100HP, this aircraft cruises at 115KTAS while sipping 5.5GPH of 91 octane fuel.  With 39 gallon fuel capacity and options for MGL or Garmin avionics as well as an optional airframe parachute, this two-seater can be outfitted as basic or advanced as the builder desires.  But we saved the best for last, the build time for this kit is around 1200 hours.  And if you want to get it done even faster, go for the quick build option or our Sling Central Builder Assist Program.

Sling 4


Naturally, if you have a successful 2-place aircraft kit, the next step is to add room for the family in back.  The Sling 4 was the second aircraft offering from The Airplane Factory and provided an option for the builder who wants to bring along the wife and kids.  Powered by the Rotax 914UL, this turbocharged 115HP eco-cruiser can take four people up to 10,000ft+ and cruise at 130KTAS while burning under 8 gallons per hour.  With 46 gallons of fuel on-board and a 1000 lb useful load, you simply can't match the capabilities of this kit with any other on the market.  Available with MGL or Garmin avionics and an optional airframe parachute, the options don't disappoint either.  A build time of around 1350 hours will make this dream a reality before you know it.  And of course, you can always bring your kit to Norman, OK to let us help you build it even faster.

Sling TSi


The obvious improvement that could make the Sling 4 even better is...     ...more power.  Enter the Sling TSi.  But it's not just a Sling 4 with a Rotax 915iS.  It's also got a completely redesigned wing and tail, new reshaped doors for more entry room, and flush rivets on the forward fuselage and wing leading edges for laminar flow drag reduction.  The handling of this airplane is unparalleled.  The common phrase heard after initial demo flights is, "that thing is on rails".  The Airplane Factory really nailed this design.  With the change in airfoil section and slightly higher wing loading over the Sling 4, the Sling TSi cuts through the air with laser beam focus.  And the turbocharged FADEC engine pulls this machine through the air at 155KTAS at 10,000ft + with 4 people and 45 gallons of fuel on-board.  All that while consuming around 8 gallons per hour.  Why are you still reading? Start building!

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