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Three ways to get your Sling...

Sling airplanes are produced by The Airplane Factory in Johannesburg, South Africa.  They are imported and sold in the United States by The Airplane Factory USA in Torrance, CA.  Offered as an S-LSA factory built two-seater, an experimental amateur-built two-seater, or two experimental amateur-built four-seaters, there are several ways to get yourself one of these wonderful airplanes.  For the do-it-yourselfer, the experimental kits are top-notch.  One of the lowest build times in the industry combined with the most rounded and thoroughly balanced designs available puts these aircraft at the top of their class.  And, if you're not sure you want to tackle building an aircraft on your own, Sling Central offers an easy way to build your aircraft in a welcoming, professional, and well-equipped environment, giving you the confidence and knowledge you need to maintain your aircraft after building it in record time.

Factory Built

Sling 2 S-LSA

Don't want to build, just want to fly?  Order your factory-built Sling 2 S-LSA aircraft and in no time you'll be enjoying one of the most balanced, agile, and up to date LSA aircraft on the market.  It comes standard with MGL Avionics and offers an upgrade to Garmin G3X Touch screens.  Either way you go, you'll be flying some of the most advanced avionics hardware on the market.  And, all of that behind the most common and reliable LSA engine available, the Rotax 912 ULS.

Amateur Built

Sling Aircraft Kit Boxes

Have the know-how and want to customize your airplane to suit your needs?  Your kit will go together faster than you imagined due to the intelligently planned 50% construction process and builder friendly design.  Critical structures are riveted at the factory using standard AN driven fasteners.  Everything else the builder does at home with strong, but time saving pulled fasteners.  Start with the empenage, and before you know it you'll be ordering the finishing kit, installing the avionics of your choice, and hanging your Rotax engine.

Builder Assist

Sling Aircraft Builder Assist

Want a customized Sling 2 or want to go for a family hauling 4 seater, but don't know if you can manage the build on your own?  Or do you just want to get into one as quickly and safely as possible?  Then opt for the Builder Assist program at Sling Central and we'll give you the keys to our sheet metal shop and build center.  You come on-site a few days at a time throughout the course of your approximately 3 month build process.  Taking part in all of the work required by the FAA (over 50%), but leaving the onerous and tedious work to us, you'll be getting the best of both worlds.  You leave with the know-how required to get your repairman's certificate and do your own maintenance, but you also know that the airplane was put together as quickly and safely as possible.

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